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The reason why to use Beewax

The best choice is use the nature

Beewax Natural was founded in Germany and stands with its name for nature.
We want to guarantee sustainability and good quality.

We have been working with beeswax for years and really appreciate the ease of processing. Beeswax is used in many areas, in the carpentry trade, restoration and in the hobby area.

The good thing about beeswax is that it is very easy to process and is also easy to apply warm and cold.

So now I've told too much about beeswax, now I'm telling you a little more about us and our company. As you have already read above, we are based in Germany, we are a company that was founded last year and are a team of craftsmen who pursue their passion. We are even at your disposal for questions of craftsmanship.

We have a heart for handicrafts and wood processing and that's why we pass on our knowledge and products.

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