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Behind the Scenes: Casting an Angel In Manhattan

Benjamin Johnson Aug 23, 2021 77

Sergio Baez is a jeweler in New York City and a president of Taba, which helps jewelry entrepreneurs launch their businesses. When a customer asked him to sponsor a human rights award for a spiritual...

Benjamin Johnson 2021-08-23 22:25:392021-08-23 22:29:25
Smash Burgers VS Rice Burgers

Benjamin Johnson Aug 22, 2021 39

Traditional Smash Burgers VS Trendy Rice Burgers! Let’s get started with the smash burger recipe & rice burger recipe!1. Traditional Smash Burger RecipeServe: 3 burgersPrep time: 10...

Benjamin Johnson 2021-08-22 16:49:422021-08-24 15:49:11
Free Books Club: Adventure Packed Journey to the West

Benjamin Johnson Aug 22, 2021 24

This is a great read for teens and preteens. Exciting adventures and valuing virtues stories

Benjamin Johnson 2021-08-22 15:36:372021-08-22 16:50:54
Hollywood Trafficking Film Aspires Faith in God Free Virtual Screening on July 30

Benjamin Johnson Jul 27, 2021 5

The film "Angie: Lost Girls” aims at bringing awareness to the realities of human trafficking and how faith plays a vital role in recovery.  This award-winning feature film, produced...

Benjamin Johnson 2021-07-27 15:55:272021-07-27 15:55:27
China Money Floods U.S. Universities

Benjamin Johnson Mar 21, 2021 57

A recent Department of Education report says that the CCP has poured over $1 billion into many top U.S. universities. Just what are they getting in return?

Benjamin Johnson 2021-03-21 14:55:552021-03-21 14:57:48
Spicy Dried Pot (Ma La Xiang Guo) Recipe

Benjamin Johnson Mar 11, 2021 40

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes

Benjamin Johnson 2021-03-11 19:57:002021-03-11 20:02:02
Wuhan's controversial lab studies new deadly virus; Jack Ma loses title of 'China's richest man’

Benjamin Johnson Mar 05, 2021 31

Wuhan’s institute of virology is researching yet another deadly virus. This one comes from the Xinjiang region -- and may wreak even more havoc in the body.

Benjamin Johnson 2021-03-05 15:23:572021-03-05 15:28:48
Art Is The Expression Of The Invisible By Means Of The Visible (Part II)

Benjamin Johnson Feb 17, 2021 19

Learn how to draw in realistic style: FREE e-book THE PRACTICE & SCIENCE OF DRAWING

Benjamin Johnson 2021-02-17 18:51:322021-02-17 19:03:51