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A Compilation of 15 Great Pics of Mountains

Mountains are so beautiful to people! They inspire us, give us a sense of freedom and hope.

Mountains have always been a source of inspiration and beauty to people. They bring us the sense of freedom and embody hope. Those that have not yet discovered this wonderful natural retreat, have yet do, and will most definitely cherish the experience.

In the bustle of modern life sometimes it's good to have a rest, reflect on yourself, your life and your future, calm down, find peace of mind and get some inspiration from the nature. Traveling to a mountain is certainly a great opportunity for that. 

Francesca Conta, a professional runner and race director, shared her thoughts about mountains in her post on

"It’s a mystery why we love mountains so much. People who love mountains are definitely a different group, unique and alike at the same time.

They welcome the elements. In fact, they relish in them. They welcome solitude and isolation. They welcome discomfort. They don’t fear the outdoors but instead feel part of it. They suffer when away from the mountains and almost always answer the calling. They never get used to the beauty and understand how unique each excursion, climb, or run can be.

In short, they feel privileged and lucky to have discovered this part of themselves. It’s a love that brings happiness and meaning to so many, a love that closely resembles what we feel for our families."

An author Nyki Mack said: "Always be thankful for the little things… even the smallest mountains can hide the most breathtaking views!"

For those who love mountains and are inspired by the beauty of nature we prepared a selection of 15 photos of different mountains around the globe.


By Eugene O'Connel

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