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Handmade Adjustable Fedora & Cowboy hats

One of a kind handmade Fedora & Cowboy ADJUSTABLE™ Hats, honestly affordable.

Foxsters Hat Co. carries on the lineage of honestly affordable Fashion that emerged from a collaboration of cultures. The Iconic Foxsters hat has spanned through the ages, as reminder of generations past. 

Two main styles have inspired us: Fedora & Cowboy.

A hat that has become a sort of myth, is the typical hat that from the end of the myth has become the emblem of the cow-boy. The original design is attributed to John Batterson Stetson.
Today the cowboy hat is a classic in the clothing of fattening and ranch workers in the South West of the United States, up to the entire eastern side of the Rocky Mountains and more in general a symbol through which an individual wants to emphasize his reliability in the cowboy's lifestyle. 

Each hat is hand-sourced, steamed and shaped, creatively visioned, and lovingly made. Each hat holds stories, purpose, and the hope that you wear it with pride and meaning.

Because of its functional characteristics, deriving from the particular shape to width, that is the ability to protect from the scorching sun and even more from the rain that often take the outlines of the reverse, the Stetson hat had a troubled following became a typical element of the 'clothing of workers from farms and ranches in the American Southwest: The cowboy.

Over time the typical cowboy / cowgirl hat has become a characterizing element of the clothing of those who have the history of the west has decided to redeem himself to propose to the public, come the American country musicians and not only...


Find your signature hat here at honestly affordable price.

By Andrea De Marco

Tags: Fashion


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