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Bats, Cats & Hats (oh-my)

A few of our latest products featuring Bats, Cats & Hats.

There are some really cool products coming out right now, and believe it or not, BATS are finding their way into quite a few of them!  To start we have these sweet Black & Red sneakers featuring red printed bats on the side.  They are canvas high-tops that can be worn up, OR you have the option to fold and snap them down for a completely different look!  Pretty cool hu?!  Not to mention a handbag in the shape of bat wings that are outlined in lace.  Dark meets sweet and delicate, the best of both worlds!  Then we have a cool, jet black womens costume, that is a one piece, body hugger with bat wings that flair out.  Style and the design to get noticed!

In the CAT category, we have these really HUGE pillows in the shape of the silhouette of a cat.  They come in three sizes and look so cute sitting on a couch.  They make great Halloween decorations too, because guess what, you can get them in black!  So fun.  We also just added these adorable earrings that are the outline of a cat and its tail.  They are petite with a simple design which makes them a great pair for use everyday or in the month of October.  Then we have one of our favorites, a candle that melts down to a metal SKELETON!  You have to see it to beleive it.  These masterpieces will give everyone that sees them something to talk about!  They are cute, but become eerily creepy.  

Then we have some new HATS that have been getting some attention.  First is the ball cap that you can program with your phone and have your OWN personal message pan across it in LED lights!  What will they think of next?!  Then, again in the ball cap category are black and white colored caps that have lights built into the bill in every color you can think of.  Very fun!  Speaking of fun, have you ever played pong with your favorite beverage and had it be a moving target?  Try an Inflatable pong cup holder that is a HAT too!  Now that will get the party started!   

These are just a few of the new products we have available at HALLOWEEN found -THE HALLOWEEN FUN STORE & MORE in the BATS, CATS & HATS categories.  Check out the attached products and the video of the creepy cat candles with the skeleton!  

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By Lauren N., Owner, HALLOWEEN found

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