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Can't find your favorite product? How HALTZGLOVES beat the challenges

Can't find your favorite product, here's why?

2021 has been the most difficult in getting product shipped to the US. The Ever Green blocking the Canal, containers falling overboard, shipping cost increased 300%, and trying to remain profitable are all on the list of the Top Ranked Safety Company- HALTZGLOVES.

We interviewed HALTZGLOVES, and was amazed at the answers.

How have we met the shipping challenge? Everyone is using the word "pivoted". We have pivoted so much we were spinning like a top. First, we moved manufacturing from China. Next we added multiple manufacturers, instead of just one. We are adding new lines of product. Most importantly we are able to reduce shipping times.

What can consumers expect for the upcoming holiday season?  What I would like every consumer to know is the products you enjoy are made by someone, somewhere, and that takes time. How much time? 90-120 days for manufacturing and 45-60 days shipping. That's a total of 6 months for companies who make and sell products. Most consumers believe their favorite product is sitting in a large warehouse somewhere in the world already made, just waiting to be shipped. We have seen shortages in car computer chips, chicken wings, and many other products. Companies are having to order more earlier. All of this means increased cost to the consumer. Get ready for increased prices for Christmas 2021!



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