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The name of the shop is the name of the brand we are for health.
We put our products in the foreground and convince with high quality material in the manufacture of our goods.

We attach great importance to the quality.

Relieve painful tension and prevent it with simple aids.

A pain-free back can delight. But often the back doesn't delight us at all. Therefore it is good to take some relief.

How can back-friendly work at home and at work be achieved without developing painful tension? Achieve regular hygienic cleanliness in the household - and all without pain. Almost too good to be true. This is made possible with the microfiber floor wiper from Congis. Exactly this microfiber floor mop has very special properties that will make daily cleaning easier for you.

The microfiber floor wiper from Congis is the first to impress with its futuristic look: in the X design, you can casually swing your lanes. Whether corners or straight surfaces, thanks to the 360 ​​degree joint between the rod and mop, you can easily reach any place. The microfiber floor wiper has a telescopic rod that can be adjusted to any body size. This means you always have an upright posture and relieve your back.
Another plus: you no longer have to bend over to wring out. When you take the mop out of the cleaning water, the handle is turned in and the mop is wrung out. Everything has been thought of here for back-friendly cleaning!

But what can you do if you already have minor tension? The danger is that incorrect movements will solidify when there is already tension. Incorrect movement makes the symptoms worse. Over time, a vicious circle of tension, incorrect movement, even more tension and so on develops. Our massage hedgehog ball can help you to prevent this from happening.

The soothing massage stimulates blood circulation and releases tension very gently. This enables symptom-free movements again. Daily use relieves tension permanently. It also prevents other complaints. The massage hedgehog ball is an ideal companion for on the go or in the office because it fits comfortably in every pocket.

But the choice of bag is also crucial: Carrying it on one side or bulky, bulky bags can lead to further tension, especially in the shoulder and neck area. In order to load the shoulder and neck area and also the rest of the back evenly, we recommend the travel charging backpack from BOPAI. The weight of the backpack is evenly distributed, it is waterproof and very spacious. The versatile use promises a reliable use as a business bag and also as a leisure bag. Another advantage is the built-in power bank. It ensures that the laptop or smartphone has the appropriate power resources. You can find out more about this and our other health-oriented products in our shop at

It is possible to integrate some relief into everyday life. Whether in the office, on the go or at home. With the microfiber floor wiper from Congis you can effortlessly get a clean home. The massage hedgehog ball can give you the solution for your tension. And the travel charging backpack from BOPAI is a loyal companion for relieving the strain on the back. Treat yourself to the relief of your health for love that you get with the everyday helpers from Health For Live.

Our conclusion
To keep the household hygienically clean, the microfiber floor mop from Congis gives you all the advantages in one device: no bending over when wringing out, an upright posture and easy cleaning in every corner. In addition, quick cleaning is also possible in between, thanks to the easy maneuverability of the all-round joint between the mop and the rod. A worthwhile investment in your own health that promises long-term success.
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