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How To Find Intelligent Life

Become a Strange Attractor in the Science World by changing 1 thing about how you dress...

How To Find Intelligent Life

In these unprecedented times, disinformation is rampant. Everyone's an immunologist, a climatologist, and a political pundit. How in the Round Earth can one weed through the bull defecation and find someone with similar interests?

One idea is to wear a nerdy joke shirt from NatGeo or some other place and you will surely not get a second date.

But what if there's another way...

What if there was a brand that understood that just because you want to express your love for science and find like minded people, doesn't mean you should be relegated to groups of arrested development, suspender-wearing, pocket-protecting, taped-glasses-wearing nerds.

Luckily, there is a brand that understands…that's looking out for the smart, and helping educate the world.

With our original mnemonic designs, we have popular science, maths and famous geniuses all incorporated into our stylish, comfortable shirts and products. Each shirt is cleverly laid out to be fashionable and informative. We invite you to slip into something more intelligent and find ease in parsing out the normies from our tribe of cool nerds who are changing the world.


Clothing for The Mind.

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