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Neck Releaser™ - Cervical Traction Pillow

Do you suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, TMJ and tension headaches? We will help you eliminate neck pain will be gone in 10 minutes a day with the Neck Shoulder Releaser!

Benefits include: 

☑️Get rid of neck pain naturally (no harsh painkillers)  

☑️Restore natural cervical alignment without surgery or medication by hydrating and decompressing the discs.

☑️You can have your own chiropractor at home (you'll save money)  

☑️You can effectively mitigate neck hump (dowager's hump) and hunched backs by correcting forward head/neck postures, resulting in a more confident standing posture.

☑️Enhances range of motion and flexibility of the head. 

☑️Postural imbalances can be corrected. Stretches your neck and loosens up your muscles

☑️Relieving stress (sleep better, feel better, live better)


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