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Where to Get Affordable Activewear

Getting chic activewear can help motivate you to achieve your goal weight.

Where to Get Affordable Activewear

Many of us could say that we’ve gained the quarantine 15 this year and a lot of us are just dying to get rid of those extra pounds we have gained throughout this treacherous winter.  As we approach Spring and Summer it's time to think about is getting our bodies back into shape and feel good about ourselves again. Some of us have a hard time finding the motivation to get back into getting active...

Believe it or not, studies have shown that having active wear that you like and find cute, comfortable and trendy can actually motivate and inspire you to go to the gym and get more fit. Although, there are so many brands out there these days that have very cute activewear to choose from. It can be overwhelming looking at all of the options. For me personally and many of my friends - we aren't willing to spend a fortune on workout attire. Why? Because you sweat in it. Shockingly, some of the brands out there (Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and Koral to name a few) are so high that it’s almost ridiculous.

Looking for cute activewear that is both high-quality and trendy can be a little bit tough at times I have to admit. But recently, I’ve been introduced to a new brand that I have seriously fallen in love with. The name is Suzette Collection. They sell trendy stylish activewear that is made of the softest most luxurious fabric with beautiful colors and prints, not to mention stunning trendy designs all at such an affordable price. In fact, I haven’t seen one clothing item from Suzette Collection that is over $29. That’s right, the entire collection contains clothing prices ranging from $10-$29 and they are absolutely incredible. Not only are they buttery soft and made of delicious fabric but they come in a variety of prints, colors and styles that are so dreamy and so beautiful and so cool.

Some of my favorite pieces from them include their biker shorts which are only 1499 they also have amazing leggings cute crop tops and sports bras that just put me in the mood to get moving and working out again. I feel like I finally found the solution and the inspiration that I need to get myself back into the gym and lose this quarantine 15 that has been so hard to get rid of. I highly recommend checking out this collection If you are looking to get fit and want to look cute while doing it.

By Lydia Vitone


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