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160 Old Foundry in The Heart of Manhattan

P.E. Guerin was founded in the 1857 in New York, and throughout the 160 years in business the family has collected patterns from France, England, and those used in historic American residences. P.E. Guerin preserves these treasures, and makes them available to all of us who desire to make our homes beautiful down to every detail.

Manhattan is not the obvious destination to travel a few centuries back in time. Having been born in Switzerland I would first think of France, England, or Italy. Yet there is such a destination here, and though it is slightly low-key it is well-known among the elite of the design world.

Imagine now walking in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world and coming head-to-head with a metalwork foundry.

Foundries have a hard time surviving in the western world because of the mass production trend, but here is one housed across several floors in the trendy Greenwich Village of Manhattan. 


PE Guerin : One of the oldest foundry in the US, a hidden gem in the heart of Manhattan from Patrick Mauler on Vimeo.

By Patrick Mauler

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