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How Youregogoods got its start and became popular as an online boutique. began in 2018 as a slight variation on tried and true concepts in e-commerce. The founder understood the popularity of online discounters, but realized that the industry was already saturated. Where could be different is that it could define itself as a discounter of cutting-edget gadgets and recognized brand name health and beauty items. It's growth and popularity is testament that this niche existed and was not fully catered to 

   What can be expected in the future? As broadens its supplier base, you can expect to see discounts on brands that you not previously have expected. In fact, the challenge will be to convince consumers that it's recognized and most coveted products are not counterfeit. If past performance is a predictor, we could see become an somewhat of an online homage to famed retailers such as Fry's Electronics or Filene's Basement.

By Julian Brown

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