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The kids refuse to take off their hat!

Froggy Hats are so cute and the kids refuse to take them off!

I know you can relate to buying your kid something and for the next 6 months they love it so much they refuse to take it off!  

The stork delivered Zammy Yammy on September 1, 2020.    We were conceived when a shopping trip for a baby shower gift ended in a bland, plain, uninspiring outfit.


Sisters, MeeLane and Michelle decided to bring back smiles by providing the cutest, most unique baby shoes and hats all to one place. 


We are sourcing our product from all over the world and using small micro manufacturers to build our designs. We are using the best quality products and the safest products for your baby.

Our ideas for our products come from real moms, dads, grandmas and Auntie's.



Nothing ordinary makes it to our shop, so if you are looking for something really unique for your Wee One,  look no further than Zammy Yammy Baby Shoes,  Hats and Accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Brand

What kinds of hats do you sell?

What are the available Froggy hats?

Are your character shoes available in larger toddler size?

Are the bottom of the character shoes cloth?

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How long has Zammy Yammy been in business?

Are you a woman owned business?

Can I special order a size?

Is Zammy Yammy a drop shipper?

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